Home News VIDEO: Man Robbed of $200k USD right after withdrawing it

VIDEO: Man Robbed of $200k USD right after withdrawing it

Man Robbed of $200k right after withdrawing it

Heartbreaking cell-phone video showed when the thief fled with $200k in cash, it belonged to Francisco Cornejo it was his life-savings.

The California-man was attacked last week, in the car-park of a Chase-Bank in Huntington-Park.

The un-lucky man who is said to be 55-year-old recently sold his house and went to the bra-nch to remove all the cash from his account, when the mysterious thief struck.

His a-ttorney, Nathan Soleimani revealed that he was parked as close-ly as possible to the bank, as he knew he would withdraw the large amount of money.

However, he was grabbed and beaten as soon as he got to his car before he was able to get in.

He des-perately did all he could to hang on to the bag for as long as he could, as he knew it was everything he had, but the mu-gger beat him and knocked him to the ground before he ran away carrying the bag.

Cornejo told a news re-porter that no one tried to help him when the incident took place, Cornejo was left with mul-tiple bruises and his arm had to be placed in a sling.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation are currently investegating the matter with the help of several surve1llance-camera from the area.

See the incident below

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