Home News Trelawny woman shot dead after refusing to have sex

Trelawny woman shot dead after refusing to have sex

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A Trelawny woman was allegedly shot and killed infront of her 10-year-old daughter last night within the usually quiet community of Reserve within the parish.

She has been identified as 36-year-old, Tamara Geddes.

According to police, about 8:30 pm Geddes and her daughter were in a bedroom watching television when a lone gunman entered the room and demanded money and cell phones.

Geddes reportedly gave the gunman $16,000 and two cell phones.

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The police further reported that the gunman also demanded sex from Geddes, and when his demand was not met, he reportedly shot and killed her.

 The gunman then reportedly exited the house and escaped in nearby bushes.Two 9mm spent shells were later removed from the scene. The Falmouth CIB is investigating.

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