Home Entertainment News Rygin King Paralyzed, Fans Hopes He Recover

Rygin King Paralyzed, Fans Hopes He Recover

Rygin King Paralyzed being recommended because that term is currently being heavily searched and posted about online.

Rygin King Paralyze Latest Update **Posh Morris**

Rygin King whose real name is Mathew Smith has great hopes for his future and always states that he is “One king dancehall baddest thing”, by all accounts fans online are hoping that he recovers speedily to fulfill his prophecy.]

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Days ago an update was posted to his Instagram account with some positive message, Rygin’s IG page stated “Hey Fans!.. Just wanted to let you know Rygin king is sending a heartfelt Thank you to all well wishers friends and family for the prayers and thoughts through this difficult time”.

Over 10 different top Jamaican vloggers & bloggers have since posted on youtube about hearing the bad news that is yet to be confirmed by Rygin king himself or any of his close associates.

Rygin was shot and badly injured in Westmoreland several weeks ago. One person, a female passed away as a result of the incident.

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