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Man Burnt His Wife & 2-Y-O Alive In St Thomas

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An army tag bearing the words ‘Love Tyler Forever’ hung on a machete embedded into a tree just meters away from a terrifying scene where burnt bodies lay.

The police said that forensic tests will have to be done to positively identify them.

But relatives believe the deceased are 22-year-old Lexton Clayton, a member of the (JDF) Jamaica Defence Force of Yallahs, St Thomas; and her 2-year-old son Tyler Taylor.

The burnt body of an adult male was also found and was identified as her boyfriend Kymani Taylor 

The bodies were found yesterday in Pear Tree River, Port Morant, in St Thomas. When our news team visited the area yesterday, a small crowd, consisting mostly of Clayton’s loved ones, had meet on the scene as police and JDF personnel scoured the vicinity for clues.

As some of Clayton’s loved ones sipped drink mixes to control their grief, her stepfather Everton Elliot sat and stared blankly.

He occasionally muttered to himself while resting his head in his hands. He walked over to the news team and stared at a photograph of the deceased toddler and shook his head in disbelief.

“Mi a grow her (Lexton) from she two years old, enuh. Mi is the only father she know. Is Friday mi see her and talk to her and look deh. When mi see her Friday mi see her a eat two mango and mi make sure go back a bush go pick some more fi her,” he said.


Another relative of Clayton described her as a jovial and hard-working individual. She stated that she last saw her last Friday night shortly after she returned home from Up Park Camp.“She was so happy to be home because she had not been home in a while. When she come home, she jump through the door and greet everybody happily. She was telling us how she tired and just a run joke with us. Her mother tell her say she long to see the baby and she call her babyfather and tell him to bring their son come,” she said.The relative stated that on the phone call, Clayton told someone, allegedly her babyfather, that she wanted Tyler to spend a week with her family. She also made arrangements with her babyfather to get items for Tyler.It is alleged that a man was seen Friday afternoon rolling several tyres in the direction where the bodies were eventually found.


Clayton’s baby father phone was searched by relatives 2 days after everything and these messages were found in the phone that he sends to the community pastor, in the messages it seems as if something was bothering tyler father and her really wanted to speak to someone about, but even after these messages was found in his phone his family members are still saying that he will never do some like that to his child mother much less his baby, These are the messages below that he send to the pastor


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