Home Entertainment News Jada Kingdom Exposed By Her Ex-Girlfriend (VIDEO)

Jada Kingdom Exposed By Her Ex-Girlfriend (VIDEO)

Jamaican Dancehall star Jada kingdom life is in danger or could be in danger because of her alleged Ex-girlfriend Malieboo.

Jada kingdom & Malieboo are now having a fall out because Malieboo says she feels like Jada Kingdom is going to stop dating her because of her Boyfriend Versesimmonds.

Maliebooo release a video exposing & disrespecting Jada Kingdom in the most discourteous way there is.

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Malieboo went on to say that Jada kingdom is doing drugs, Also she slept with most of the entertainers in the dancehall industry.

Jada Kingdom denies everything that was said about her by Malieboss and called her a psycho, also Jada went on by saying she doesn’t know her, she has never talked to this girl before and she is lying and should release proof of all the accusations she made about her.

Jada Also stated that she has received Death Threats and now she is worried about her safety.

After Jada Kingdom denies knowing Maliboo and never talking to her Maliboo released a video with she and Jada kingdom vibing in Jada’s car & also released messages before she and Jada from 2016.

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