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Dengue Fever Kills 9-year-old Boy In Mandeville – Serious Dengue Outbreak In Jamaica


Dengue Fever Kills 9-year-old Boy In Mandeville – Serious Dengue Outbreak In Jamaica

A 9 years old boy Javari Palmer was taken to the Percy Junor Hospital in Mandeville at about 8 am Friday morning when he started showing symptoms of possibly Dengue Fever, he was treated at approximately 7:30 pm. He was given iv fluids and subsequently sent home with panadol and ORS. His fever broke but he still remained sick, when it spiked again he was taken to a private doctor and given a referral to take back to the hospital with hopes that he would be seen with some urgency and seriousness.

He went back to Percy Junor Hospital on Monday, October 7, 2019; the referral was given to the nurse and they sent for his docket. His mother Sodian West was told to sit and wait, While waiting he was in obvious discomfort and throughout the time there his mother kept on checking with the nurse, she was told that the doctor has the docket. At around 4 pm the child was said to be experiencing more discomfort, he told his mother to pull his belt and that he wanted to go home to see his uncle.

Shortly after he started to stiffen and his eyes rolled over, she then took him up and ran with him in the room and threw him on the bed and it was at that point the medical team responded, we are not sure what was done at that point because she was made to leave the room, people were seen going in and out of the room but no one said anything. At about 6 pm she was told that he died. The hospital is still tight-lipped on the situation, no word has been given about the life-saving measures employed or even why this happened.

A crippled health care system is a failed economy; we continue to operate in a country where it is a crime to be poor and where there is no accountability. The public healthcare system failed Javari; the system continues to ignore cases like these. The very community he lives in has a problem and the reality of the outbreak is being swept under the rug.

We need words and we need actions! Andrew Holness Richard Edward Azan The Jamaica Observer Jamaicans For Justice (JFJ) CVM Television MelloFM The Jamaica Gleaner Dr.Christopher Tufton Loop All Angles Deardreams.

Family members and citizens have been protesting at the hospital this morning, they are demanding answers as to the reckless, careless and uncalled for the death of little Javari.

What is Dengue? Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne tropical disease caused by the dengue virus.

Symptoms usually begin three to fourteen days after infection. This may include a high fever, frontal headache, abdominal pains, vomiting, muscle, and joint pains and a characteristic skin rash.

The liver enlarges and hemorrhaging may occur to cause circulatory failure. Blood clotting is reduced or fails. Diagnosis is by a blood test showing platelet reduction and antibodies to the virus.

Is there really a dengue outbreak in Jamaica, could there be some cover-up going on, is the ministry of health being truthful to the citizens? It is only fear enough that the relevant authorities come forward and address the country about the alleged dengue fever outbreak, it is causing havoc and pain to our people.

The public health care system is very poor and unprofessional, from customer service, securities straight up to the medical teams. The level of disrespect and unprofessionalism that they portray is displeasing.

Is it because the public health care system is free why persons are being neglected, disrespected, have to suffer and even to the point when taking their last breath before they are attended to? this is physical and mental abuse.

In case you suspect that you are someone you know has the signs and symptoms of the dengue fever DO NOT take CATAFLAM, it is deemed not safe. Visit your health care provider. Drink A lot of fluid and ensure you take plenty of rest.

Remember there is no vaccine for dengue. Consequently, prevention is the best means of control, undertaken by the elimination of the Aedes mosquito vectors, particularly in and around the homes and avoiding bites.

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