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Child, Pregnant Mom & Comm-law Husband Burn’t To Death After Car Crash, (Video Inside)

A St Ann family was plunged into mourning Sunday morning after four members perished in a motor vehicle accident along the Queen’s Highway in St Ann.

The victims have been identified as sisters Kadean Howard, 34; her sister Rihanna Howard, 14; Kadean’s daughter, Jade-Ann McLean, 13; and Jason Gayle, Kadean’s common-law husband; Kadean was also reportedly pregnant. They were from Gibraltar district near Moneague in St Ann.

The police report that at about 7:50 am, a Toyota Fielder motor car, reportedly driven by Gayle, was travelling towards Trelawny when it got out of control and slammed into a Mercedes-Benz travelling in the opposite direction.

The Fielder then overturned and burst into flames. Two occupants of the car were flung from the vehicle but two were trapped inside and burnt to death.

The tragedy has especially hit Beatrice Brown, who lost her daughters, granddaughter and son-in-law in the accident.


“Is an awful death, everybody feels it,” she said. Friends and neighbours converged on the premises as a show of support and encouraged her to pray and try and remain strong.

Meanwhile, Kymani Steele could have been the fifth victim, as he travelled in the car with the others from Gibraltar to St Ann’s Bay, where he works at the hospital.

He said he heard about the accident maybe 20 minutes after he got off but did not know it was his friends until about 1 p.m. He was at the hospital when the bodies came in.

“At one point I couldn’t stand up good, is one of the younger females I recognised. Two persons couldn’t be recognised,” he said. “I know Kadean for about 17 years, I know her baby father because we play football together.”

“Based on what we gather, the Fielder seems to have been speeding, got out of control and ran into the Benz then overturned and burst into flames,” Superintendent in charge of the St Ann police, Carlos Russell, told Jamaica Media Online.

Intermittent showers have left road conditions wet along the north coast and may have been a contributory factor. Russell is appealing to motorists to take extra precaution along the roads during this time.

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